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Alison Shakespeare, Founder and Director of The Reading Room is passionate about books and reading. She has over 25 years experience working with children in the Primary as well as the Secondary sector.  Alison is a qualified teacher with a B.Ed (Hons) in Education and a Masters in Leadership and Management. Alison is also a qualified Coach.

We are happy to administer our Reading Comprehension Assessment or Coaching sessions online.

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Do You want help identifying reading problems?

York Assessment of Reading for Comprehension

We use the YARC (York Assessment of Reading Comprehension), a diagnostic tool to help identify any reading problems you or your child may have. A series of graded reading passages are administered to assess reading and comprehension. I have used this test for several years now and in my opinion it gives an accurate view of reading ability. At the end of the assessment a report is issued to each client giving a summary of reading accuracy, reading rate and comprehension.

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We are happy to assess both children and adults.

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Where everyone is a reader & a writer

How can we become better Readers & Writers?

We become readers by reading and writers by writing, so pick up a pen and begin writing today.
Writing is a means to communication and shows what we know and helps us to think clearly, to show others what we know and what we mean.

A longitudinal report from the Fiscal Studies 2015 involving children aged 10 showed the financial benefits of being a good reader. The report states, “Children with higher reading skills at age 10 see the impact through their salaries more that 25 years later.”  The report also emphasises that; “A strong reader at age 10 would earn 21% more per hour at age 38, on average, than someone from a similar background with poor reading skills.” 

This is a sobering thought, so let us get reading and writing!

Developing Motivation and Pleasure in Reading and Writing

Research has shown that strong reading skills are key to learning and impacts all areas of the curriculum.

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Greeting Cards

Colourful Greeting Cards

Choose from our wide selection of colourful greetings cards. Write a note to someone or send a card to someone special in your life. Tell them how much you appreciate them.

Bring back the art of writing and send a card to cheer someone up today.